A Hollywood Mansion for Big Bang Theory Actor Simon Helberg

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Charlie Sheen made quite a splash when the drug- and booze-fueled antics in his Mediterranean-style Hollywood mansion came to light. As a result, the new owner of the home – “Big Bang Theory” actor Simon Helberg – will likely be a much more popular tenant in the historic Los Feliz neighborhood. Helberg acquired the mini-mansion, built in 1927, for $2.9 million and now has 4,200 square feet of luxury to explore. The Los Feliz home has been on the real estate market since 2009, just two years less than Helberg has starred on the hit TV series.

Simon Helberg, Big Bang Theory

Although Helberg’s new mansion still bears some of the bold, potentially overwhelming interior appointments of its former owner, the mini-mansion is relatively conservative, with little clutter and a classy look overall. One of the ways in which Helberg’s Hollywood mansion avoids the excessive glitz and glamour of the rest of town is by maintaining classic style throughout, particularly through the use of wrought iron furniture and accessories. wrought iron appointments offer a timeless look that exudes class but isn’t over-the-top and gaudy like some Hollywood decor.

Classic Wrought Iron Garden Furnitures and Fixtures

Among the wrought iron features in the Los Feliz mini-mansion are chandeliers, stairway railings, chairs and various light fixtures. The palatial residence features wrought iron pieces both in the interior decor as well as the exterior. Because of the wide array of applications in which wrought iron features are used in Helberg’s new home, the residence shows off the versatility of this material. The massive house still retains some indications of Sheen’s excess, such as the plasma television mounted on the bathroom wall. While wrought iron is typically considered timeless and classic, that doesn’t mean it is restricted to old-style applications; its use throughout the house indicates that wrought iron can complement modern styling just as well as more classic decor.

Mediterrenean Style Living Room Area with Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Nova Linear Chandelier 5 Light w/ Drip Candle Cover

As pictures of this high-class home indicate, wrought iron is perfect for accenting furniture inside and outside of residences. From bedside lamps and hallway picture frames to poolside lounge chairs and tables, the wrought iron pieces in Helberg’s house shine, even amid the high-budget furniture and accessories that only Hollywood stars have access to. The ability to stand out as centerpieces and blend in among high-class decor not only speaks to the versatility of wrought iron but shows that it is a classic look that can help anyone access stunning looks, no matter what the budget.

Charlie Sheen's Bedroom Interior Design

Timeless Wrought Iron - Forest Hill Table Lamp

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