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Wrought Iron Seating

Wrought Iron SeatingWhether you chose a classic indoor bench or a modern love seat or something else entirely, wrought iron seating will add durable charm to your furniture arrangement. But it is important to keep a few simple rules in mind before bringing home a gorgeous piece. To make sure that you find the right new wrought iron seat to balance with the rest of your furniture make sure its practical and safe.

No matter how beautiful the piece, practicality must take precedence or your gorgeous investment may end up interfering with your daily function. When selecting your wrought iron seating make sure you have allowed enough space around all pieces of furniture in your room. Each major passage way should be big enough for two people to walk side by side. This is at least four feet wide and five feet wide is even better. Minor traffic areas should have walkways of at least eighteen inches. So that people can get up and down gracefully, make sure to plan for at least 12 inches between your wrought iron seating pieces and coffee table. Any less than this and people will have to twist and wiggle as they attempt to navigate around your room. At the same time you don’t want the distance between your wrought iron seating and end or coffee tables to be greater than 18 inches or people will have trouble reaching items placed on the tables. Wrought iron dining chairs should have at least 18 inches between them.

Before purchasing wrought iron seating pieces inspect them thoroughly to insure top quality. It’s easy to test the stability of a chair or bench. Simply lean on it and see if it tips easily. If it passes the tip test, move on to the wobble test. Just push it a little to make sure its legs stay firmly anchored to the ground. Also be sure to check joints for gaps and make sure frequently used chairs have stretchers, reinforcing cross pieces connected to the legs. Finally, check over the metal to make sure that it is free of weakening bubbles. This is especially important along metal seams.

These simple principles will help start you on the right path to finding a beautiful, safe, and practical wrought iron seating piece for your home.

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