Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens

Wrought iron fireplace screens ensure that the fire is contained in a safe place and no ashes or sparks land on the carpet, floor or someone’s feet while the fire is burning. A fireplace screen also helps in creating an even heat flow to the entire room.

Fireplace screens are essential accessories that every home owner must invest in. Its basic purpose is to ensure safety of the inhabitants and keep children and pets safe from the fire. This also means that your clothes are safe from the fire when you are standing close to the fire.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories

The fireplace is undoubtedly the most important and cozy part of a home. The warm glow of a beautiful fire seems to beautify each moment in time and turns it into an unforgettable memory.

Whether you have the traditional wood burning fireplace or a modern, electric or gas powered one, you will need the right fireplace accessories to go with it. Even if it is for decorative purposes alone, the traditional wrought iron fireplace accessories give your modern fireplace that convincing look and warmth of an old fashioned hearth.

Using wrought iron fireplace tools makes perfect sense, as the material is as durable as is decorative. Wrought iron fireplace accessories provide the perfect mix of beautiful functionality.

Pilgrim Wrought Iron Fireplaces

Pilgrim wrought iron products are a specialized line of fireplace accessories and tool sets. This U.S. based company has set up head quarters in Benicia, CA, and for the past 60 years, Pilgrim Hearth has earned a name in providing sturdy, high quality fireplace accessories that are known for their superior finish and robust designs. This product line represents a beautiful harmony between classic design and simple practicality.

Pilgrim Hearth products are designed for that special class of people who believe in timeless elegance and stately charm. The line caters to tastes inspired by Old World designs that range from simple and sturdy to classically ornate and detailed.

Napa Forge Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories By Napa ForgeNapa Forge is a specialized line of traditional Wrought Iron fireplace accessories. All products offered by this line are hand forged to perfection and are known for their superior finish and long lasting quality. Napa Forge Wrought Iron Products are specifically designed for those who have a taste for the beautifully ornate and robust designs that are timeless in their look yet modern in their functionality.

The best thing about Napa Forge Fireplace Accessories is that they come with a ten-year Limited Warranty and are moderately priced while still offering a high quality product. The Napa Forge line has been created with an attention to detail and with the timeless look of Old World décor.