Wrought Iron Fireplace Screens

Timeless Wrought Iron - Fireplace ScreensWrought iron fireplace screens ensure that the fire is contained in a safe place and no ashes or sparks land on the carpet, floor or someone’s feet while the fire is burning. A fireplace screen also helps in creating an even heat flow to the entire room.

Fireplace screens are essential accessories that every home owner must invest in. Its basic purpose is to ensure safety of the inhabitants and keep children and pets safe from the fire. This also means that your clothes are safe from the fire when you are standing close to the fire.

Naturally, a very sturdy and heat resistant material should be used when making fireplace screens, and wrought iron fits the bill to perfection. The color and form of a wrought iron screen remains unaffected even after years and years of constant use. Wrought iron can be forged into any design that the user may fancy; and this results in highly decorative and trendy screens that serve dual purpose of safety as well as decor.

You can find different screens in all shapes and sizes that fit perfectly with your fireplace. You can opt for a simple, single paneled screen with embossed boundaries that is reminiscent of the Classic Victorian era. If you have more space available, you may want a bigger, more elaborate screen with three panels. The side panels can be adjusted to create the perfect look while using the space available. There are other fireplace screens that come in a bowed or rounded look. Bowed screens look very elegant and classy and offer an unhindered view of the warm and welcoming fire while keeping the room’s inhabitants safe.

Wrought iron fireplace screens come with beautiful embellishments and ornate designs. You can choose from a large number of designs ranging from the traditional to the whimsical. From Grand Oak trees to pine cones and sunflowers and beautifully ornate grapevine designs, there is a vast variety to choose from.

In terms of finish, you can choose a wrought iron fireplace screen in the classic matte black finish that can work with every interior imaginable, or maybe an Old World embossed fireplace screen in vintage iron finish. Other color options include burnished bronze and burnished black.

Timeless Wrought Iron - Fireplace ScreensYou can also opt for a screens with a brass trim that adds sophistication and beauty to your fireplace. This screen works best if you have brass and gold in your living room interior and color scheme. There are screens with beautiful tea lights that allow you to enjoy the flickering light even when your fireplace is off.

You can also go for a combination screens that doubles as a fireplace tools rack. The tools are hung on either side of the screen and the overall look is not only sophisticated, but also space saving.

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Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories

Wrought Iron Fireplace AccessoriesThe fireplace is undoubtedly the most important and cozy part of a home. The warm glow of a beautiful fire seems to beautify each moment in time and turns it into an unforgettable memory.

Whether you have the traditional wood burning fireplace or a modern, electric or gas powered one, you will need the right fireplace accessories to go with it. Even if it is for decorative purposes alone, the traditional wrought iron fireplace accessories give your modern fireplace that convincing look and warmth of an old fashioned hearth.

Using wrought iron fireplace tools makes perfect sense, as the material is as durable as is decorative. Wrought iron fireplace accessories provide the perfect mix of beautiful functionality.

Wrought fireplace tools come with trendy looks and a number of finish options so that there is a perfect match for every interior. You can use the traditional matte black finish with almost any color scheme, while gold, silver and rustic finish options offer a great way of accentuating any existing interior design and color scheme.

The beauty of wrought iron lies in the fact that it can be molded to look as delicate or as chunky as desired. Wrought Iron has an amazing capability to blend in incredibly well into almost any interior. So whether you are a fan of the classic Victorian inspired decor or have earthy, bold pieces in your living room, or prefer chic, trendy and modernistic designs, you can get a wrought iron fireplace tool set that matches or complements your existing decor.

For the traditional wood burning fireplace, you need the proper set of accessories to maintain a nice warm fire burning while ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe. The fireplace tool sets include four to five pieces including the stand, a poker, broom, shovel and tongs. You can opt for a single piece if it’s missing from an existing tool set or order the complete wrought iron fireplace tool set.

Fireplace screens are also an important fireplace accessory and help keep children and pets safe from the fire or runaway sparks and splinters. These come in wrought iron as well and a wrought iron fireplace screen can be as decorative or simple as the user desires. Beautifully ornate and Old World designs are available along side slick modernistic ones. Different design and finish options make it very for the user to find a wrought iron fireplace screen that blends well with the existing decor.

You will also need andirons to hold the burning logs in place and ensure regular air circulation. Fireplace grates help keep the larger pieces of coal of the floor and thus make it a lot easier to clean the fireplace. Wood carriers and trendy looking wood storage racks help store the wood in an efficient and artistic manner.

There are a few popular manufacturers and brands in the U.S. that specialize in wrought iron fireplace accessories and tool sets, these include Napa Forge, Pilgrim Hearth, and Bago Luma. Stone County Iron Works also has some interesting fireplace accessories pieces.

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Pilgrim Wrought Iron Fireplaces

Wrought Iron Products By Pilgrim HearthPilgrim wrought iron products are a specialized line of fireplace accessories and tool sets. This U.S. based company has set up head quarters in Benicia, CA, and for the past 60 years, Pilgrim Hearth has earned a name in providing sturdy, high quality fireplace accessories that are known for their superior finish and robust designs. This product line represents a beautiful harmony between classic design and simple practicality.

Pilgrim Hearth products are designed for that special class of people who believe in timeless elegance and stately charm. The line caters to tastes inspired by Old World designs that range from simple and sturdy to classically ornate and detailed.

All of these wrought iron products come with a lifetime warranty. The pieces offered by this line are known for their superior quality, fine finish and beautiful design options. It is these qualities, combined with an efficient customer support that makes it America’s leading brand in wrought iron fireplace accessories. The company takes great pride in its “old fashioned”, personalized customer service.

You can buy a simple, three paneled fireplace screen or you may choose one with a beautiful floral finish or a classically ornate design. From grand oaks, roses and sunflowers to more traditional design options, there is a vast range of screens to choose from.

Similarly, if you have a traditional, wood-burning fireplace, you may opt for one of the very practical leather and canvas log carriers. You may also consider more stylish wrought iron wood holders that serve the dual purpose of functionality and décor.

These wood holders come in a number of design and finish options. You can opt for one with a leather and canvas lining or a classy wood holder inspired by the minimalist school of design, or a wood holder with nature inspired embellishments like pine cones and floral patterns. Fireplace screens also come with polished brass trims, handles and spark guards.

The Pilgrim line offers the complete range of fireplace related products from fireplace screens to tool sets, and wood holders, hearth rugs and grates. You can also buy hearth centers and enjoy their sturdy quality for the years to come.

The tool sets come with a number of finish options. If you like the classic matte black finish, you can find several designs to go with it. Otherwise if you are looking for some finesse in the tool set, you can opt for a fireplace tool set with polished brass handles in gold finish. The stands that come with the tool sets also have brass trim options. This could help complement an existing gold or maroon color scheme in your living room. If silver is more like what you have in mind then you may opt for a fireplace tool set with vintage iron handles in silver.

The wrought iron line also offers other fireplace accessories like durable fireplace grates in wrought iron and fireplace andirons in different color/finish options to match your existing scheme.

The price range of Pilgrim products suits all budgets and you can opt for simple, moderately priced fireplace accessories or classically ornate items that are beautiful as well as practical.  These hand crafted pieces are sure to please the beholder and boast of the superior taste of their owner.

Wrought iron fireplace accessories cater to both outdoor and indoor needs. You can also order custom-made fireplace screen with designs that match your existing wrought iron pieces.

Different kinds of finish options ensure that these fireplace accessories blends well in any interior theme. You can find these high quality products under the following brand names:

  1. Pilgrim®
  2. Old World Collection®
  3. Napa Forge®

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Napa Forge Wrought Iron Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories By Napa ForgeNapa Forge is a specialized line of traditional wrought iron fireplace accessories. All products offered by this line are hand forged to perfection and are known for their superior finish and long lasting quality. These wrought iron products are specifically designed for those who have a taste for the beautifully ornate and robust designs that are timeless in their look yet modern in their functionality.

The best thing about these fireplace accessories is that they come with a ten-year Limited Warranty and are moderately priced while still offering a high quality product. The Napa Forge line has been created with an attention to detail and with the timeless look of Old World décor.

The line specifically deals with fireplace accessories, tool sets, racks, fireplace screens, and the paraphernalia that one has to maintain with traditional fireplaces that run on wood.

In today’s fast paced world of electric fireplaces which only have an illusion of a burning fire, there still exists the class of people that appreciates the traditional fireplace with a real, cozy fire and the scent of wood as a wonderful aroma and ambiance to the living room.

The Napa Forge line caters to the needs of such houses and offers specialized fireplace accessories that are traditionally ornate; yet carry the modern day functionality as well.

A real fireplace poker and bellow may be a rare site in the modern American household, but the trend is back, and classically elegant line of Fireplace accessories and tool sets is as practical as it is stylish. Even if you have a gas or electrical fireplace, you may opt for a fireplace tool set with a beautiful antique style stand and hand forged tools in a lovely black matte finish. The tools may not be put to actual use, but they do act as a perfect accent to the fireplace and their ornate designs are a treat to watch.

You can also buy fireplace bellows with a carved wood and leather finish. These are highly decorative and yet functional, and they add a classic, old-world look to the fireplace in your living room.

Napa Forge offers trendy log holders to keep next to the fireplace. You can add this as a part of the antique fireplace theme even if you have an electric fireplace, or put the wood holder to good use if you have a traditional fireplace that burns wood.

You can also buy hearth rugs and canvas bags for carrying wood. The line also offers hearth gloves, ornate candelabras and fireplace candle holders, hence the complete range of decorative and functional accessories that you will need for a fireplace.

For traditional fireplaces, this line also offers coal and pellet buckets and shovels in wrought iron. You can choose a stylish bucket or a practical one with a lid on top, as per your requirement and taste.

For gas-powered fireplaces, gas valve keys are also available in a flourish design that is reminiscent of the Victorian era. You can choose from a number of finish options according to the décor and color scheme around the fireplace. Napa Forge offers traditional matte black finish, silver, gold and a bronze finish.

Buy Napa Forge fireplace accessories if you strive to stand out of the crowd. These classically ornate designs are sure to win your heart and add a touch of class and elegance to your home.

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