Wrought Iron Decorating Ideas from Ashlee Simpson’s Home

When singer and actress Ashlee Simpson listed her 7,100-square-foot villa in the Beverly Hills Post Office area for $3.69 million in spring of 2011, realtor.com posted 20 photos of the fabulous Mediterranean style house on its website. With five bedrooms, six and a half baths, a pool and spa, media room, meditation room and breath-taking views of canyons, mountains and greenbelts, the listing was sure to go fast.

Not surprisingly the listing agent, Sotheby’s International, reported the house had sold by June 2011 for $3.475 million, not too far off the asking price in a slow real estate market. While we’re sure the meditation garden and gourmet kitchen had plenty to do with the quick sale, what really attracted us about the photos of Ms. Simpson’s home were the many and varied uses of wrought iron. From the railing on the second-floor balcony to lighting fixtures and accent pieces, wrought iron is a repeated decorating theme throughout the home.

Ashlee Simpson Reduces Beverly Hills Estate Price

On the patio, for example is a sweet wrought iron table and chairs. For a similar look, consider the Waterbury Ice Cream Table from Timeless Wrought Iron. This hand-forged table features gracefully curving branches to hold the tabletop, giving it a light look that belies its sturdiness. Pair the table with the Courtyard Bench, which features twirly iron across the back and a seat that is gently curved for comfort no matter how long you linger.

Patio Wrought Iron Table and Chairs

Timeless Wrought Iron Waterbury Ice Cream Table

The wrought iron chandelier Simpson used in her room of all-white furniture is another piece that’s easy to replicate, thanks to Timeless Wrought Iron’s wide selection. Just check out the Arizona Chandelier, which features the same shape and similar sort of open work around the base.

Ashley Simpson's All White Living Room Area

Arizona Chandelier by Griffin Creek, Available at Timeless Wrought Iron

The bold beams in the cathedral ceiling are real eye-catchers in the living room of the Beverly Hills House, but our eyes were drawn to the lantern-style sconces, another wrought iron element. For a similar bold look – necessary in a room with so much volume, thanks to that cathedral ceiling – we’d suggest the Williamsburg Wall Sconce with Candle Drip Cover.

Williamsburg Wall Sconce with Candle Drip Cover from Timeless Wrought Iron

For smaller rooms, Timeless Wrought Iron offers more delicate-looking options, such as the Leaf Sconce, that make a bold statement without being quite so bold.

Timeless Wrought Iron - Leaf Wall Sconce

A crackling fire in the photo of Simpson’s living room makes the space seem even more inviting. And where there’s a fireplace, wrought iron is the traditional – and sensible – choice for accessories. We think the Arch Tool set by Enclume, or the Complete Hearth Rack with Tools, would be the perfect way to keep logs and tools handy in this spacious room.

Timeless Wrought Iron - Enclume LR17 Complete Hearth Rack with Tools

Photo Credit: Realtor.com

A Hollywood Mansion for Big Bang Theory Actor Simon Helberg

‘Big Bang Theory’ Actor Purchases Charlie Sheen’s Former Digs  Read more: 'Big Bang Theory' actor purchases Charlie Sheen’s former digs | REALTOR.com® Blogs

Charlie Sheen made quite a splash when the drug- and booze-fueled antics in his Mediterranean-style Hollywood mansion came to light. As a result, the new owner of the home – “Big Bang Theory” actor Simon Helberg – will likely be a much more popular tenant in the historic Los Feliz neighborhood. Helberg acquired the mini-mansion, built in 1927, for $2.9 million and now has 4,200 square feet of luxury to explore. The Los Feliz home has been on the real estate market since 2009, just two years less than Helberg has starred on the hit TV series.

Simon Helberg, Big Bang Theory

Although Helberg’s new mansion still bears some of the bold, potentially overwhelming interior appointments of its former owner, the mini-mansion is relatively conservative, with little clutter and a classy look overall. One of the ways in which Helberg’s Hollywood mansion avoids the excessive glitz and glamour of the rest of town is by maintaining classic style throughout, particularly through the use of wrought iron furniture and accessories. wrought iron appointments offer a timeless look that exudes class but isn’t over-the-top and gaudy like some Hollywood decor.

Classic Wrought Iron Garden Furnitures and Fixtures

Among the wrought iron features in the Los Feliz mini-mansion are chandeliers, stairway railings, chairs and various light fixtures. The palatial residence features wrought iron pieces both in the interior decor as well as the exterior. Because of the wide array of applications in which wrought iron features are used in Helberg’s new home, the residence shows off the versatility of this material. The massive house still retains some indications of Sheen’s excess, such as the plasma television mounted on the bathroom wall. While wrought iron is typically considered timeless and classic, that doesn’t mean it is restricted to old-style applications; its use throughout the house indicates that wrought iron can complement modern styling just as well as more classic decor.

Mediterrenean Style Living Room Area with Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Nova Linear Chandelier 5 Light w/ Drip Candle Cover

As pictures of this high-class home indicate, wrought iron is perfect for accenting furniture inside and outside of residences. From bedside lamps and hallway picture frames to poolside lounge chairs and tables, the wrought iron pieces in Helberg’s house shine, even amid the high-budget furniture and accessories that only Hollywood stars have access to. The ability to stand out as centerpieces and blend in among high-class decor not only speaks to the versatility of wrought iron but shows that it is a classic look that can help anyone access stunning looks, no matter what the budget.

Charlie Sheen's Bedroom Interior Design

Timeless Wrought Iron - Forest Hill Table Lamp

One of the web’s premier sources for all types of wrought iron furniture and accessories is TimelessWroughtIron.com. The site has a broad range of wrought iron pieces, ranging from kitchen accessories like napkin, culinary and pot holders to living and dining room furniture. No matter what your home’s existing style, you can find elegant modern and classic wrought iron pieces to act as centerpieces or complements in any room of your home.

One of the web’s premier sources for all types of wrought iron furniture and accessories is TimelessWroughtIron.com where items are as affordable as they are elegant.

Photo Credit: Realtor.com

The Origin of Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Chandeliers made their first appearance in the 14th century and were solely made of wood. The name itself is derived from the French word chandelle referring to a light fixture with branch supports hanging from a ceiling. Early chandeliers were formed from two beams in the shape of a cross with spikes embedded to hold each candle. This light source was commonly found in monasteries and wealthy castles. Candles were quite expensive and often rationed until the black of night. Only the rich could afford such a luxury. To maximize the effect of lighting, chandeliers were often placed near mirrors to increase the reflection. Shiny furnishings from this era have been discovered that were also utilized for this purpose.

The wooden chandeliers soon gave way to metal due to the candle grease that ruined any type of wood. Popular metals included iron, copper, brass and silver which are still utilized for construction today. The 17th century saw a rise in popularity as candles became cheaper. Chandeliers were found in just about every home and soon began to take on ornamental designs. By the 19th century, this light source was a work of art, often crafted by skilled blacksmiths to include intricate design patterns. With the invention of electricity, the chandelier continued its progress. Crystal glass was added to reflect and spread light. It was easy to cut into shapes and added a unique look to the chandelier. Some of the most famous works can still be seen today in mansions, abbeys and retired castles.

As crystal chandeliers became famous, metal designs seemed to fall to the wayside. Homes sought brighter light sources and the crystal glass fit this bill. Royalty found the crystal to be elegant, often displaying tiered chandeliers that covered a huge amount of the ceiling. The current popularity in wrought iron has reemerged, however. Talented craftsmen utilize the age old techniques to restore the beauty of a once elaborate product. This unique metal is heated and shaped with the basic tools of the trade. Countless hours are spent on one creation alone to produce an authentic work of art. Forging wrought iron was once the job of the town blacksmith who created plows, tools and gates. Now that same trade is considered a highly skilled art form.

Although candles were replaced with electricity, the beauty of an open flame flickering off walls and mirrors remains to be a thing of splendor. Modern wrought iron chandeliers give homeowners the option of electric or candlelight. Many are designed to hold numerous tapered and votive candles for that romantic look in any room. The nostalgia behind this light source brings forth a sense of comfort and warmth. With an abundance of candles in all shapes and sizes, there is no problem utilizing this chandelier often. Guests will enjoy the ambiance and the beautiful hand-crafted patterns of the wrought iron. The lustrous metal is sure to become quite the conversation piece as well as a great family heirloom.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Wrought Iron ChandeleirWrought iron chandelier design options are nearly limitless, and the affordability and durability of wrought iron chandeliers makes them the perfect choice for adding layers of light to eclectic design trends.

Chandeliers used to be consigned to floating above dining room tables or to brightening big foyers. But no more. The queen of light fixtures has been set free to adorn and emblazon every room of the house. Edgy designers have even introduced chandeliers to the bathroom. Consider hanging a small wrought iron chandelier over the bathtub for a romantic touch or coupling a wrought iron chandelier with a large mirror. You’ll not only bounce extra light around your powder room, but you will also create something beautiful.

Wrought iron chandeliers also add personality and sometimes even practicality to the kitchen. For galley kitchens look for petite oval shaped wrought iron chandeliers. If you want more than illuminating design jewelry for your tight cooking space, consider a wrought iron chandelier with pot hooks. Your kitchen will thank you for the extra character, beauty and space saving ability. If you are fortunate enough to have a large kitchen consider groupings of wrought iron chandeliers. A large chandelier flanked by two smaller pieces suspended over an island adds interest and warm light layers. No matter what size kitchen you have, big or small, a good rule of thumb for finding the perfect sized wrought iron chandelier is to add the length and width of the room and then to find a chandelier with the same diameter as that sum.

Wrought iron chandeliers add romantic light layers to any room of the house, so definitely consider hanging one in the bedroom. To make sure the illuminating power of your wrought iron chandelier doesn’t overwhelm the tranquility of your master suite swap out sixty watt bulbs with twenty-five watt bulbs. A simple switch like this can reduce the brightness that a ten arm chandelier emits from a mood-killing 600 watts to a pleasant 250 watt glow. Install a dimmer for even more mood-setting control of your room’s ambiance. No matter where you need extra light or character, wrought iron chandeliers will not disappoint.