Wrought Iron Manufacturer In Review: Mathews & Company

Wrought Iron has its way of blending in with almost any decor. When you buy a handmade wrought iron bed or any other item, it comes with a promise of timeless elegance and durable practicality.  You can find a diverse range of Wrought Iron manufacturers each with its own design inspiration.

If you are looking for a classically elegant piece of wrought iron furniture, you should consider Mathews & Company. Committed to creating superior quality iron products, this manufacturer has a wide range of products from beautifully hand painted pottery to elegant, hand forged wrought iron beds.

Mathews & Company is known for exquisitely handcrafted wrought iron products (click here to shop the entire line) that will grace any interior and add character and personality to your home and workplace. The company has been creating artistic wrought iron pieces with gorgeous iron work and fluid lines.

The range includes enchanting hand painted pottery, and wrought iron furniture items like beautiful wrought iron beds, headboards and daybeds along with dining tables, chairs, bar stools, consoles and mirrors. You can also find stylish wrought iron lighting options in this range, as well as fireplace accessories and other home accent products.

Ma Burlington Iron Bed by Mathews & Company thews & Company has recently added a sleek, modern line to their range of offerings, the Burlington Collection. The collection consists of a simple, yet elegant end table, console table, coffee table dining table, a wrought iron bench and a lovely wrought iron bed.

The new Burlington line features straight lines beautifully banded at intersections to create a stunning effect. As always Matthews & Company has maintained its high level of quality and superior craftsmanship. The entire collection is available in four finish options so that you can create your dream theme, hassle free. The tables offered in the Burlington collection can be ordered as base only (without tops) to use with an existing top or with a top of your choice of copper , wood, or marble.

The recent products in this line include unique pottery that will add an earthy look to your home. From tall jars to melon vases with hand applied finish in rich tones and finely detailed birds, the new pottery line is a sight to behold. You will also find beautiful sculptures that draw the beholder’s attention thanks to their detail and simplicity, and are ideal for creating lovely focal points on your mantel or any other corner of the room.

The Salisbury collection from Matthews & Company is a stunningly simple line of hand forged products will fluid lines and graceful curves. A new addition to this range is the Salisbury dining table: The wrought iron dining table comes with a beautifully simple design that exudes grace. The base features four gently curving legs grouped in pairs and connected by a horizontal rod. Simple iron bands join the pairs together to add a touch of classic beauty. With a round top of your choice, this dining table will add grace and sophistication along with sturdy practicality. The timeless elegance of this dining table allows it to blend well with any interior theme and serve as a beautiful focal point of your dining room. You can also order this table as a base only to use with an existing table top.

Matthews & Company also offers a Bathroom accessories line featuring copper framed mirrors, towel bars and toilet paper holders among other things. Other products include Kitchen accessories like wrought iron etageres and bakers racks. You can also find a beautiful range of chairs for your home, restaurant or workplace including bar stools, dining chairs and arm chairs.

If you are ordering a dining table or other pieces of furniture as well, you can match the designs across different rooms to create visual harmony in your decor. The company offers different design lines for this purpose and you can order coffee and dining tables, chairs, counter stools, cocktail and bistro tables with matching designs.

Salisbury Iron Dining Table with Copper Top The Matthews & Company offers lovely design options that fit any interior theme, from classically ornate to modernly minimalist and contemporary decor. You will find pieces with sleek, straight lines along with intricately detailed pieces that boast of the craftsman’s skill and expertise.

Whether you are looking for something extremely simple and sturdy, or need a decorative, ornate piece for your interior, Matthews & Company will definitely have something that will catch your eye, both for quality and style. Each piece is unique, hand crafted to perfection and comes with the promise of quality that will last a lifetime.

Please visit www.TimelessWroughtIron.com to shop the complete line of Mathews & Company Wrought Iron Furniture and Iron Decor.

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