Using Wrought Iron Corbels For Your Kitchen Counter

Timeless Wrought Iron - Wrought Iron CorbelsUsing wrought iron corbels for your kitchen counter helps provide the necessary support that keeps your counter strong and sturdy for the years to come. Generally, any counter top that has a hangover of more than eight inches should be supported with corbels. And if your countertop is of a heavy material like granite or marble, then you need corbels that are strong enough to provide support and sustain the weight of such heavy materials.

The reason why wrought iron corbels are so popular is that they are extremely sturdy and practically indestructible. Meaning, no matter how big or heavy your countertop is, a wrought iron corbel will support it without any issue of breaking down or bending. All you need to do is to ensure that the corbel has been mounted properly and securely. You can find detailed instructions on how to mount wrought iron corbels over different surfaces in our wrought iron corbel installation guide.

Since strength is not an issue where wrought iron is concerned, you can opt for ornately designed wrought iron corbels to further add to the beauty of your kitchen counter. Wrought iron corbels are hand forged and can be ordered in any design that you may have in mind. From sleek lean lines to delicately ornate floral and classic patterns, anything is possible in wrought iron corbel designs.

On the other hand if you use corbels made of wood or other materials, a delicate or carved design will fail to provide the necessary support to the heavy countertop. Secondly, a wrought iron corbel does not rot or decay with use as is the case with wooden corbels.

Another point in favor of wrought iron corbels is that you can get a wrought iron corbel in any finish as you like. From classic matte black to rustic to brushed iron and gray, your corbels can now be used to complement the color scheme of your kitchen counter. For a granite countertop, for example, a gray finish will look better. For marble you can opt for a black or a rustic finish.

Wrought iron corbels are equally useful on other support requirements like consoles, shelving options and outdoor use.

Wrought iron corbels are highly affordable and come with mounting screws and drilling bits that you will need in order to mount the corbel properly. You can get a wrought iron corbel for $75- $85. This is o very reasonable amount considering the fact that a wrought iron corbel will support your kitchen counter for the years to come without causing any trouble or maintenance hassle.

Corbel installation is a fairly simple process in most cases and can be taken on as a DIY project. But if you are not handy with a drill, you can always call assistance to get your corbel installed.

Please visit Timeless Wrought Iron to browse through our range of wrought iron corbels. You can place an order online or contact us for further details and queries regarding ordering. Timeless Wrought Iron offers free shipping on orders over $250.

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