Wrought Iron Candle Holders – Timeless Elegance and Beauty

Candle holders are an ever popular accent for any interior. Candle holders are as old as time itself, their presence in the home has been centuries old even though their role evolved from a necessity to a decorative item.

Wrought iron candle holders blend well with all sorts of interior inspirations, from the classic to the contemporary, every interior accept a wrought iron candle holder as a beautiful accent.

While you can get glass/crystal or porcelain candle holders as well, there is something about a wrought iron candle holder that separates it from the crowd: a touch of timeless elegance and long lasting beauty.


Timeless Wrought Iron - Havana by Griffin Creek Timeless Wrought Iron - Puccini by Griffin Creek Timeless Wrought Iron - Baytown by Griffin Creek


Wrought Iron candle holders are strong and sturdy, and you can easily change their location without having to worry about them fitting into the new theme. Besides being exceptionally long lasting and easy to maintain, wrought iron candle holders offer a very cost effective way of accenting your interior.

From a simple candle dish to an elaborate wrought iron candle sconce, you can find an option that can be as casual – or as formal – as the occasion requires. You can also find a lovely wall mounted candle holder. Wall mounted candleholders in wrought iron look exceptionally beautiful when mounted in a hallway or a foyer.

You can buy candle holders in pairs, or sets of three to create a harmony in the décor. A single candle holder placed on a fireplace looks equally attractive. You can also opt for a lovely candle holder and Vase combo, this unique vase candle holder serves the dual purpose of a vase and a candle holder, soft candlelight, lovely flowers and the dark wrought iron make an exceptionally beautiful and eye catching combination.

If you need to change the look of your wrought iron candle holder, you can easily do this by changing the candles in it. You can opt from a wide range of colors and can also change the height, shape and design of a candle to change the look. From classically tapered to a lovely fat white candle, changing the kind of candle can transform the look of your candleholder.

Timeless Wrought Iron - The Tutwiler by Griffin Creek

If you already have some pieces of wrought iron in your room, you can easily get a candleholder with a pattern matched to the existing wrought iron piece. This adds balance and harmony and makes the final outlook even more appealing and eye catching.

If you are looking for wrought iron candle holders then you can choose from a wide range of options and designs offered by all the leading wrought iron companies. These hand forged beauties are guaranteed to delight and entice. Griffin Creek offers some very elegant and timeless designs.

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