Valentine’s Day Dinner Decor Ideas 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012 is just a few days away. Roses, chocolates, teddy bears and “I Love You” Balloons are everywhere. Among the mass produced Valentine’s Day Cards and Heart shaped chocolates, people want a little something extra to show their beloved that their love and relationship is special, unique and above the ordinary.

You don’t need to climb mountains and bring back the Moon to make her feel special; all you need is a little thoughtfulness and some clever planning.

This year, Timeless Wrought Iron decided to help you out in planning the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner for your beloved. In our last post, we had put together a list of Wrought Iron items that you can use to plan a beautiful, cozy and romantic dinner at your home to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  You can find these items here.

In order to pull off that perfect Valentine’s Day dinner date, ambience is key. Instead of heading for a noisy restaurant that would already be packed with people, it is much better if you plan the dinner at your own home.

Decorate the living room with not only flowers and balloons, but a little something different. Everyone brings out the best crystal vase for Valentine roses, but this year, try a wrought iron vase. You will be blown away by the effect of this unique combination: the hard, strong wrought iron coupled with delicate fresh roses look very primitive, and extremely romantic.  Try placing a vase or two in the living room and a smaller vase with a single flower stem on the dinner table.

Needless to say that the right lighting does wonders in setting a romantic mood. Turn off the regular light and use a big wrought iron floor lamp with a classic white/cream shade for the perfect effect. Wrought Iron has its own allure and charm, and it creates the perfect balance of light and shadows that is just enough to enhance beauty and hide any flaws in your interior.

Couple the lamp with wrought iron candle holders and fat white and red candles. Their flickering flames will add warmth to the room.  The dining table will also need a pair of matching candle holders, something delicate preferably, and tapered candles for the classic candlelight dinner effect.

For the dinner, don’t worry if you are no great chef. You can easily find great dinner recipes that are easy to cook or order take away dinner if you don’t want to take a risk. Just be sure to keep your date’s preference in mind when deciding on the menu. Remembering her dining preference will certainly earn you extra brownie points!

Wrought Iron Server for Valentines Day Blog Post

The table decor is fairly simple and you can very easily create an impressive look. We suggest that you use a lovely white ceramic casserole server with a beautifully hand forged wrought iron rose frame. Use Wrought Iron napkin rings to complement the serving platters, you can find rose napkin rings at Timeless Wrought Iron that will match the serveware to perfection. You can browse the complete range of wrought iron serveware for more options.

You can also opt for a wrought iron and stone/ceramic platter for serving chocolates. We suggest sprinkling rose petals around the platter and using chocolate hearts for the perfect Valentine’s Day look!

Whatever you do, just be yourself. Valentine’s Day is all about putting your feelings out in the open and appreciating the joy and love that you share with your beloved. From the most lavish gesture to the most simple one, it is the underlying feeling that matters and not the price tag of the gift that you send her.

Team Timeless Wrought Iron wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day 2012!

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